GIF Request: College AU w/ Hellsing


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Would totally be the cool bad boy type without even trying. The girls would flock to him and the guys would be jealous of him. But he honestly wouldn’t really care, since he was far too focused on his studies then deal with all of the weird “fans” he had accumulated.


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Is the silent queen that doesn’t give a shit. She holds herself up like a queen and is respected for that as well as her academic prowess. She gets invited to all of the parties but never goes. A lot of the other girls on campus are jealous of how much time she is able to spend with the campus bad boy, Alucard.


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Is stressed ALL of the time with so much schoolwork but still manages to pump out amazing grades and performance. She’s rather shy and worries way too much, but others see her as the resident cute wallflower.


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The Wild Geese are now a frat house in this AU I have decided. And so, Pip is indeed the leader of said frat house. That being said, he appears like a normal “f***boy” but is actually a giant sweetheart who really cares about all of the other members of the frat house. And is totally dating the college cutie Seras Victoria


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Is a professor of history and literally does not give any sign of fucks. He’s strict at times but also sarcastic at other times. He’s cool without even realizing it, somehow staying that way despite his age among the other students.

Seras often goes to Alucard for advice. She studies with him, too. Alucard is a very stern study partner.

Integra sometimes uses her authoritative presence to get people to do things she can by herself just fine. She just likes using people sometimes. Yes, this may include lighting a cigar.

Anderson is the student who has a major rivalry with Alucard. Both are at the same academic level and clash over the most absurd things. They are roommates, sadly. He collect knives, but can’t have them in the dorms. He plans to collect knives again after college.


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