i love your blog and your artwork. there’s so few peeps who still draw hellsing characters, ;u;. If you have time to sribble pip being a dork- that would be cool ❤

Aww, I’m so glad!! ~<3 I agree, we need more Hellsing artists!!
Also, I’m actually quite surprised no one asked for Pip earlier haha~ > w <”

yup this is perfect <3- as for why pip doesn’t get as much art- idk-i luv him personally

I LOVE HIM TOO! But honestly, drawing him is quite tricky:

External image

His design is sooo complex for me x _ x”’

all the more reason to draw him shirtless!

m’sorry i took so long to reply- i suck at prioritization >.<

OMG this is so awesome, Pip looks just… woah!! p//^//p


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