Hi everyone! I did a thing! 😀

I wanted to try this for a while, and I’m happy to show you that I’ve created a Pip Bernadotte mood board/reference sheet xD

Of sorts.

What I really wanted to get down were the swatches of color up at the top. They are the colors I use whenever I color him digitally. I know it might look a little odd, but I can explain them real quick.

From left to right the large swatches are his skin, hair, fatigues, and hat colors. The small dots on the bottom are highlights and lowlights for the key swatches. Then the green on top is the green I use for his eye, and the darker (almost black) color on top is what I use for his eye patch. 

Then I added the insignia on his hat for good measure! A wonderful reference sheet for myself! c:

Now the ‘mood’ portion of the board is a little different.

It’s less reference and more inspiration for myself. I love how these particular artist’s draw Pip. And I’m inspired to reach that level of skill!

Artists featured are:

Solid & Etc
(their website is no longer available though their beautiful work is still floating around.)

Maybe this will help me be able to pump out more art of my beloved Frenchman ;3;


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