I’m back with another mood board! 😀

This time, I did Seras ❤

Same concept as before, I’m afraid. The color swatches are those that I’ve used in previous drawings of her. I’m hoping they will serve as a decent reference for me when it comes to digitally coloring Blood Seras.

I’ve included the Hellsing badge, because though it is simple, I sometimes muck it up X”D

And my favorite quote from Seras ever. I think it is beautiful and poignant. And I think a certain Frenchman had a great deal to do with that. 

And last but not least, Seras!! These are actually some of my artworks this time 😉 But two are from my old account, and one is a preview of a drawing I haven’t posted yet ;3; You lucky ducks. Then I also included an image of Yuki Cross. I learned how to draw manga by drawing characters from Vampire Knight. I love drawing Seras in that style. I’m surprisingly confident with it xD But when it comes to drawing Pip, I had to work hard to make sure he looked like a man and not a boy. …I’m getting there XD

Thanks everyone! I hope you enjoy! I’ll try to have more finished pics posted soon!


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