I actually have a couple buried deep in here somewhere XD But I will go ahead and assume you’d like some headcanons, so here you are 🙂

Headcanons: Parenting – Hellsing Organization


-Makes sure to keep his child away from the organization as much as possible in hopes of not allowing them to lose their innocence

-However, if they become interested in fighting with him, he will gladly teach them how to fight, making sure that they are well-prepared before sending them out

-Rarely refers to them by their name but rather “son” or “daughter”


-As stated before, she’s very strict, but even more so when it comes to their education: she wants them to be intelligent enough so that they fare well when they have to head Hellsing

-Of course, her child will take over the organization, but if she had multiple, she wouldn’t just award it to the eldest, but rather whoever she thought could handle it the best

-Is THE most terrifying mother-bear though and will jump in immediately to protect her children


-If she finds out that her child is being bullied, she will personally go down to the school, rain or shine, night or day, on that day and demand to talk to the head of the school and make sure that her child never comes home crying again

-Loves giving her kid nicknames like “sweetie,” “angel,” “my prince/princess”

-When they are young, she encourages that they sleep with her so they can cuddle and she can have her eye on them


-No one is good enough to date his child, no matter the sex of either party; he will go after a girl that his son or daughter brings home, no just the guys

-Will randomly demand hugs from them, usually at the most inappropriate times (ex. “I need a hug ___” “Dad, it’s four in the morning.” “And?”)

-Read a lot of parenting books before they were born since he had no clue what to do, but he actually has a knack for it


-Views either sex as equals, but will have a soft spot towards a daughter, perhaps due to his own past as a teen

-Really enjoys going on little trips where it is just the two of them so they can have quality time, and will be sure to make time for them

-Can be rather strict, but he has a weakness towards the puppy-dog face (seriously, he tries to be a gruff and strict dad, but ends up losing it if they pout)


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