The Captain watched her, seeing what she was doing before speaking to her. “You are very gentle, Ma Chere.” It almost made him chuckle. Not because he was laughing at her, but because he found it to be rather cute of her. But of course, a moment like this couldn’t last very long for the two of them as one of the members of the Wild Geese came running towards them. “What is it?” He asked the man, not looking especially happy to be interrupted. “Come and see.” Pretty much the men were goofing around with firearms. “Well zhen… Time to go.” Suddenly picking Seras up and putting her over his shoulder, he started off in the direction his man was leading him.  

With a soft squeak of surprise, the draculina was lifted from the ground. Followed by a huff as she attempted to grip at the fabric covering the captian’s torso. “Sir, “ she started, attempting to stay as still as she could manage so she would not fall off his shoulder. “ You know I can walk. It is not required to carry me.” she said before hushing her voice so just he could hear. “ To be blunt,  I do not think my skirt is an appropriate length to be carried this way. I appreciate your attempt to help but… please put me down.”


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