“Morning After”




He certainly felt a presence beside him, and was faintly aware that he had spoken at length with a cute little blonde with a lovely chest the night before. But how he only hoped she was just as cute now…
It was with trepidation that he rolled over to pull his glasses up before rolling back on his side to see her, but the anxiety was natural, was normal.
And there she lay, that round-faced young woman, and even lovelier she seemed lying there!
And so Ronald laid his head down too, sighing in relief as he smiled at the sleeping young woman, wondering when she would wake.
“Good mornin’, love,” he spoke warmly, finding this morning to be a rather pleasant one already.

Feeling something, or rather someone, begin to move beside her Seras began to awake. A slight tilting downward of her head, followed by gently pulling her arms toward her was the only immediate sign that she was awake. At the moment, she was not too concerned about attempting to figure out who shared the bed with her. Being too tired from the night before to care. However, as the man began to speak, blue eyes parted to half mass. Followed by giving the other a slightly confused look. “mornin’ “ she murmured. Before scooting closer to him. Placing her head on his chest and her arm over his abdomen. Not having any intention of getting up just yet. Blue eyes wold close once again. The draculina slipping in and out of sleep. 

And what a further beauty she seemed to be as her eyes opened to that joyful, light blue. But the gaze was confused, and only a murmur was heard before she laid her head on his chest and drifted off once again.
But Ronald hardly minded, at least for the moment, for his heart only felt a tingle now as she laid her head upon it.
So gradually he drifted as well, laying his head upon the girl’s as he pondered and pondered over a name.
“Sarah?” he wondered internally.

A few moments of peaceful sleep passed. Calmly curled up with the stranger beside her. She happily welcomed the opportunity to get a couple more minutes of sleep. Appreciating that he too remained still as they drifted off once more.

 However, the slumber did not last as long as initially expected. The draculina awoke with a slight jolt. Realizing that she was not entirely sure where she was, paired with the uncertainty of who exactly she had cuddled up with. While she was a little confused about the situation. She still had a level enough mind to not want to pull her partner from sleep too suddenly. Looking for a sign of somewhat alertness, the draculina balled her had into a soft fist over the other’s abdomen. Fingertips gently brushing against bare skin. she followed this with a gentle kiss to the man’s chest. Hoping that once he awoke he would be able to refresh her memory a little. 


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