“Whens the last time you were aggravated and happy at the same time?”


“As I stood there with Sir Integra at the end of the war. That moment when we knew it was all over. That moment of silence signifying the fighting had ceased. The only noise being the rubble of what was once London beneath our feet. There was that feeling of happiness. Knowing that the war was over. And knowing that what few remaining citizens would no longer need to fear becoming food for the undead…. But there was a… underlining frustration with it all. A… sort of jealousy over the ones who had survived. Now I realize that the Captain and Mastah both risked their lives for the safety of the people…. for our safety. And that hey died honorable deaths. But… at the same time…. it is aggravating. While they were a help. There isn’t anything left to thank. There is no one to embrace and to celebrate with. Just a tombstone… and a cement block. One in the same, if you want to simplify them… They are dead. Gone. And that is what is the most aggravating. They’ve done so much… and aren’t able to see the results of their efforts.”


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