YOOOOOO Who’s Ready For Munday

1: Selfie?
2: Real name?
3: Nickname?
4: Favorite movie?
5: Sexuality?
6: Favorite book?
7: 3 fears?
8: 5 blogs you recommend to your followers?
9: Screenshot your follower count
10: Favorite video game?
11: Favorite Pokemon?
12: Do you have a Pokesona? If so, what is it?
13: What medium do you use for your art?
14: How many blogs do you follow?
15: Dream career?
16: Favorite sport?
17: You get three wishes. What do you wish for? (And more wishes don’t count.)
18: 5th Gif in your Pictures folder?
19: Most notes you ever got on a post?
20: Tumblr crushes?
21: What’s your favorite part about your character?
22: What’s your ideal dinner?
23: Favorite genre of music?
24: Three people on Tumblr you wish you could meet IRL?
25: Any pets? If not, what pet do you want?
26: Favorite drink?
27: Random fact?
28: Biggest turn ons?
29: Biggest turn offs?
30: A ship you have involving another mun’s character?
31: If you could live in any country, where would you choose?
32: Favorite animal?
33: Relationship status?
34: Star sign?
35: What’s the last dream you remember?
36: Your typical breakfast?
37: Are you scared of spiders?
38: Most used phrase?
39: Ever drank alcohol?
40: Favorite Pokemon generation?
41: Birthday?
42: Nationality?
43: Favorite color?
44: Ever lied to someone without them finding out?
45: What game consoles do you own?
46: Favorite game console?
47: Happiest moment in your life?
48: Do you find it easy to concentrate?
49: What helps to motivate you?
50: Any advice you would give your followers?


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