Select from the following for my muse to respond to…


  • ♔: Catching your muse watching porn 

  • ♕: Having your muse sneak up on mine in the shower

  • ♖: Being inappropriately touched by your muse under a dinner table

  • ♗: Waking my muse up with oral sex

  • ♘: Getting a drunken kiss from your muse

  • ♙: Getting a nude pic of your muse that was meant for someone else

  • ♚: Spanking my muse in a public place

  • ♛: Being asked to be drawn naked by your muse

  • ♜: Whispering dirty things into my muse’s ear

  • ♝: Watching your muse touch themselves without your muse knowing

  • ♞: Having sex with your muse in a closet at a dinner party

  • ♟: Getting flashed by your muse

  • ♤: Having your muse join mine in the bathtub

  • ♧: Ripping my muse’s shirt open

  • ♡: Waking up next to your muse after a night of drunk sex

  • ♢:

    Listening to your muse read an erotic novel to my muse

  • ♠: Doing a striptease for my muse

  • ♣: Calling my muse a different name during sex

  • ♥: Walking in on your muse having sex with someone else

  • ♦: Surprising my muse at work with a quickie


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