Being a csa and abuse survivor and having Alucard as a comfort character is always really hit or miss because a good portion of the fandom keeps reducing him to a rapist and abuser and that’s what most of the content I find depicts…

tbh when I made my own post you and someone else very important to me were the first people that came to mind.
Why do people deliberately WANT to ignore all the good qualities in Alucard?????

as for the Seras is a sex doll comment. Ehh…. All the male characters in Hellsing get sexualized as well, even the major….ew…..
I personally don’t think there is anything wrong with that in the context of hentai and r34 for the sake of it, I mean, who doesn’t wanna see some saucey Alucard fanart? 
I do take umbridge with Seras being stripped down to a trope in “serious” fanworks.

It’s just… frustrating to keep seeing Alucard painted this way when there’s so much about him, so much they could work with instead of pulling this “rapist/abuser” shit…
I’ve seen some of these people claiming that’s it’s “hot” and “fun” to show him that way and it’s just… gross..

But for the Seras thing, yeah, I was thinking of when she’s reduced in serious works..
I’m cool with r34 and stuff, it’s just frustrating to keep seeing her reduced to a joke in serious works

But like….
Permission, restriction, orders and consent are integral parts of how Alucard “lives” his daily “life”. These are the very foundations of how he functions.
So to make him be so uncontrolled, cruel and vile towards the two people he cares most for is so wrong and against his character. 
And yes, Alucard cares for Seras – even Hirano said as much and that their relationship is deep and complex with elements of father and daughter dynamics, you sick fucks.

Honestly, in the first few OVA’s (if my memory serves me correct since it’s been a long while since I’ve really watched them all) and volumes, Alucard dedicated quite a few lines to consent. In the first ten minutes, he gave Seras the option to die and retain her humanity or if she wanted to continue to walk the earth as an undead monster instead of just turning her right then and there.

Alucard may be a monstrous shithead who’s done a lot of bad things, but that doesn’t particularly mean he’s bad. Abusive and rapist (though the scene with Rip is a little more than questionable and is up in the air in the fandom) Alucards are just out of character.

As far r34 goes, I wouldn’t mind it so much in regards to Seras if a good portion of the fandom didn’t see her as a cumdump with boobs, didn’t harass Seras rpers, and about 1/3 of the results for Seras searches and tags didn’t come up as porn. It’s just really, really bad in the fandom.


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