“You’re going to cum again and again till you’re begging me to stop.” (if it’s alright with you and Seras. You don’t have to answer if you’re not comfortable with it)

(Under the cut for sexual themes, you have been warned) @skxll-fxcker

Seras’ shirt had been pushed a side along with her panties. Her blouse and bra discarded as well. Leaving her in nothing but her infamous bleach white stockings. She was laid against the cream color sheets of a decent sized bed. Her lover atop her, pulling the draculina into a frenzy. 

“M-mmm~” Seras’ head rolled back into the pillow as Jan spoke. Lithe fingers gripped tighter into his hair as he drug his tongue over the column of her neck. Her thighs trembled as the other vampire kept his hand between them. Signaling that she was already close, yet, not close enough to be pushed over the edge. Blue eyes struggled to remain open as Jan continued the attentions with his fingers.  

She eagerly awaited to see what he meant by his words. The sensation of him simply rubbing against her clit was far more pleasing then she had expected. She remained trembling beneath him. A dissimilar pattern of muffled moans and pleased hums attempted to pass the draculina’s lips. 


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