dom nsfw/smut starters.

  • get on your knees. now.
  • i thought i told you to shut up.
  • don’t make me slap that pretty little mouth.
  • you sure you can fit all of me? it might hurt.
  • tell me what you want.
  • you’re not in charge here, i am. 
  • you’ll get my cock when you earn it. 
  • i can’t wait to bruise up this body.
  • every hole is mine, you hear me? 
  • get those panties down and bend over. 
  • the next time you sass off to me i’ll take you over my knee.
  • tell me again who’s cunt this is. 
  • look at me, i wanna see that pretty face. 
  • spread those legs, now.
  • you do as you’re told, understand?
  • clean yourself up before i’m ready for you again. 
  • that’s a good pet, keep going, just like that. 
  • open wider- wider, i said. 
  • spread those cheeks apart for me. 
  • don’t be scared, it’ll feel good, i promise.

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