Yet Another Munday Meme 
Send me a symbol and I’ll answer ooc 

ѩ – Are there any characters that you love, but simply cannot role play? 

Җ – What’s your greatest source of inspiration when it comes to role playing? 

– Are you religious? 

♬ – Do you listen to music when you write? If yes, what kind of music? 

ᚡ – Random fact about the mun? 

✒ – Do you have a preference when it comes to gender regarding your muses? 

ಹ – Share a story from your childhood! 

෴ – Tell us about your day. 

㉘ – How do you usually spend your birthdays? 

⨌ – If you ever had the opportunity to clone yourself, would you? 

ᚖ –

Do you wear makeup?

༺ – Do you have any siblings? What’s your relationship with them like? 

๛ – Share an embarrassing story about yourself! 

❤ – Are you and/or your muse currently in love with someone? 

ℳ – Do you think you have a good handwriting? 

☢ – When was the last time you went to the cinema? What movie did you watch?

⨕ – Are you a jealous role player? 


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