if you look carefully
you’ll be able to glimpse him

he’d be mixing girl’s drinks
with something far way more stronger then alcohol
he’d be walking on the dance floor
slipping unfamiliar pills on their hungry tongues
making them craving more each night until they follow him

into a deep dark forest
with feet bare
lips colored red
hair tangled
tree branches wrapped around their throats

dancing on thorns
dead roses crunching in between their toes

they can’t stop

not until the ecstasy burning up their bodies eats their senses away
and the bittersweet sensation of feeling high makes them mad enough
to not notice
that they have colored the grass with fresh blood

but you see him watching
his teeth bared
pupils dilated
enjoying another successful night

this is his idea of having fun // s.h (via nopatheticfeelings)

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