“ Ah, such a lovely face to see, but do tell me why you would come to visit us, hm? We’re just guns for hire in your eyes, and guns for hire don’t deserve to see someone of your beauty before them.” The man popped his knuckles and rested his jaw on his wrist. “Tell me my dear, what do you want?”

There was a moment of silence as the draculina stood before the mercenary. She wasn’t sure how to respond. Let alone how to admit that was was simply looking for something to make this day not so bland. With a simple roll of her eyes and a gentle shake of her head she responded. Almost in disbelief that out of everyone she COULD have gone and seen.. she had chosen him. “Guns for hire you may be, but you’re still people. More specifically, a group I know WON’T be barking orders at me.” She would fold her arms beneath her chest then. Followed by a beat of silence as she thought over her choice of words as carefully as she could. “I am looking for some… entertainment? Believe it or not, I get rather bored on the slow days, and I thought… well.. maybe you might have something that’ll help the time pass by?” 


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