For any history smarty parts please help. ❤ What wars or mercenary work would the Wild Geese have likely/could have participated in? I thought they had mentioned Uganda in canon but I don’t remember. Or what would I need to look up for further reading?

I’d like to include flashbacks in my fic of Pip’s past and a lot of it is warfare. Does he likely have military experience?

Thank you!

I did some research and the most widely accepted for hellsing to occur is 1999. And Pip is never given an exact age as far as I know so we will say he’s 29 so that means he was born 1970. So he most likely started serving as a merc around 1988 at minimum. This narrows down what they could have partipacted in. He may have fought in any of the following wars.

Nagorno-Karabakh War (1988-1994)

Croatian War of Independence (1991-1995)

LRA Insurgency (1987- )

First Chechen War (1994-1996)

These are some the major ones but it’s up to you what you choose to do. Hope this helps!

THANK YOU!!! 🌻 YAY! I like the 1970 birthday as well. Thanks for your time! 🙏


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