Finish the sentence…

“What do you remember about _____?”
“Quick, hide behind _____”
“If only I’d _____”
“I want to turn back the clock to before _____”
“I’m not really surprised that _____”
“I think that _____”
“I just want _____”
“What’s wrong with _____?”
“I’ve been _____”
“For some reason, _____”
“Do you ever think that _____?”
“The truth is _____”
“What do you mean, _____?”
“You have to _____”
“Why did you _____?”
“I never meant to _____”

Pip: You’ve heard of netflix and chill….get ready for IMAX and Climax!
Alucard: Blockbuster and Cockthruster.
Walter: Hulu and Woohoo?
Maxwell: Amazon prime and sexy time?
Anderson: Church and praying for forgiveness!


                                        G O D  O F  L I A R S

                              w i t h  a  c r o w n  o f  w i r e s

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Written and adored by Lex.